Cannot connect to Galaxy display in M2Config but able to ping, Close Venus 1500

Potential Symptoms

  • Able to ping a Galaxy display, but are unable to connect using M2Config even though Venus 1500 connected.
    • Able to auto detect the display through Venus 1500
  • When checking authentication in Venus 1500, window pops up with "Connect Failed".
  • Display MAC address shows in Arp.


  • Product Family: Message Displays, Software
  • Product: Galaxy, Galaxy Pro
  • Component: Venus 1500 v3 and v4
  • Control System: M2Config


  • Venus is still open and connected to the display at the same time M2Config is trying to communicate with the display.
    • Another computer is already connected to the display, while the second computer is trying to connect.
    • Only one device or software is able to connect to the display at any given time.


KB ID: DD3540347

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