DMP-8000: Content Changes "Sticking"; Not Triggering Content.


  • Changing between looks when using Chroma key colors sticks.
  • Playing content does not trigger on first attempt, but can trigger on additional attempts and through show control.


  • DMP-8000
  • External Switcher Scripts Coming in Through V7000 Computer


  • A switcher command is coming in at the precise moment the previous content loop is restarting, causing the incoming command to become lost.


  • Update to latest VNet release.

Work Around

  1. Instead of 'Continuous Mode', select to play the content a high number of times.
  2. Instead of 'Continuous Mode', select to play a frame for static content.
  3. Extend the hold time of the sequence out to a high number.
  4. For static content, at the beginning of the command sequence, add a blank frame and a second trigger event after to ensure the content triggers.

KB ID: DD3526121

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