Where can I find the dimensions of my display in Venus 1500?


  • Where can I find the dimensions of my display(s)?
  • What are the pixel dimensions of my sign?
  • How big is my Daktronics message center/marquee/electronic reader board?
  • What are the width and height of my display?
  • What is my display size?
  • How big is my board?


  • Venus 1500 V3
  • Venus 1500 V4

​Note: Venus 1500 Version 3 is supported and designed to work on operating systems up to Windows Vista only.



Venus 1500 V3:

  1. Click on the Venus 1500 Administrator button in the Venus 1500 Shell.
    Shell Adminsitrator.jpg
  2. Click on the plus sign next to your Display Name.
    V3 Dimensions.jpg
  3. Look under Type Configuration to see the Width and Height of your display.
    Venus 1500 V3 Display Dimensions.jpg

Venus 1500 V4:

  1. Launch Venus 1500 V4.
    Venus 1500 icon.jpg
  2. Choose your display from the Select a Display dropdown menu in the Home tab.
    Select a display.jpg
  3. Look under Display Status to see the Pixel Matrix of your display.
    Pixel Matrix.jpg

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