Venus 7000 with V-Max 3, Windows XP - End of Repair Support


Daktronics DMP-7000 Systems with V-Max 3 transmitter cards or older.


After December 31st, 2016 new Microsoft XP licenses cannot be purchased or shipped by Daktronics and to do so would infringe with Daktronics agreement with Microsoft.

Systems will continue to operate as they do today, however future repairs of the Windows XP system may be impacted. V-Max 3 and older transmitter cards function on Windows XP systems and older only.

Daktronics Statement:
Microsoft ended support for Windows XP Professional in April, 2014. In response, Daktronics Engineering teams worked on an update to the Venus 7000 software and current VMAX technology to work on a Windows 7 operating system. There are no current plans to move VMAX3 or older VMAX technology to Windows 7.

The Daktronics Repair Center will continue to make best efforts when repairing, however if a component is not repairable (ex: Motherboard) and a new player is required, the control system upgrade path needs to be followed. Reference DD2583522, Venus 7000, Windows XP - End of Life Support.

How to Tell if you have a VMax 3 System

  • From Venus 7000 shell, Select Configuration
    11-23-2016 8-31-36 AM.png
  • Select "Signs" tab and double click the host sign (sign with driver column populated). 
    Note: Multiple signs may have driver column populated, please check all signs to confirm if you have VMax 3.
    11-23-2016 8-33-28 AM.png
  • If sign configuration shows VMax 3 under "Output Type", it is VMax 3.
    11-23-2016 8-36-09 AM.png

We have a video that describes the features of the Venus 7000 shell here.

KB ID: DD3514501

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