How to check/change Hours of Operation on display in Venus Control Suite.


  • How do I check the hours of operation for display in Venus Control Suite?
  • How do I change the hours of operation for sign in Venus Control Suite?
  • Can I set different hours of operation for the weekend?


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: Venus Control Suite - VCS 
  • Components: hours of operation
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite - Local, Venus Control Suite - Hosted


  1. Select displays from menu.
  2. Select display wanted (will then bring you to Display Configuration).
  3. Select Scheduling from list.
  4. Check Hours of Operations listed at bottom right to verify or update your weekly hours of operation for your display.  

Weekly hours- Use this if you want the same operational time every day of the week. 

  1. The hours of operation should be off.  
    hours of operation_full week schedule.png

  2. Adjust your start and end time as needed. 
  3. Save changes. 

Daily hours- Use this if your display can have multiple hours of operation scheduled through the week.  For example, you might want your displays to turn off earlier on weekdays and play longer on weekends.  

  1. The hours of operation should be on.  
  2. Enter the display operation schedule for each day of the week. 
    hours of operation_daily schedule.png
  3. Save changes.

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