How do I switch accounts in Venus Control Suite?


  • How do I switch accounts in Venus Control Suite?
  • I can see displays on the Dashboard but I can not select a display for a playlist.


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: Venus Control Suite - VCS
  • Components: accounts
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite - Hosted


After logging into Venus Control the first time, an initial screen opens showing status tiles for each display in the system.  This is the Dashboard.  If you are in an account hierarchy, then you must Switch Accounts to schedule for the displays in your system. 

Clicking on Switch Accounts allows you to switch to sub-accounts for advertisers or locations from within the main system account.  These accounts are organized in a child-parent structure with specific child accounts under the main, overall system account. 

The example below is has 3 levels of display management.  It is broken into corporate, regional, and state.
parent to child 1.gif

Please follow the below instructions to Switch Accounts from your main parent account into the child account in order to access the displays in your system.

  1. Log into Venus Control Suite.
  2. Click on the User Menu.  The name or email address of the currently logged-in user is displayed in the upper-right corner of Venus Control Suite.  Clicking this name opens four menu items:  Switch Accounts, My Profile, About, and Logout
  3. Click Switch Accounts to open a child account to create content and manage playlists specific to that account.  Playlists created in a child account can play only on displays that are configured within the child account.  When working within a child account, that account name and the user's role are listed in a blue bar across the top of the screen.

Note:  Account structure and scheduling options may vary depending on whether the Simple or Advanced scheduling mode is used in a specific system.  Contact Daktronics Sales for more information on account and scheduling services at 1-800-DAKTRONICS (1-800-325-8766).

  • In a Simple Scheduling environment, all media files are created in the main (parent) account are inherited media for child accounts to schedule.
  • In an Advanced Scheduling environment, only media files associated with the child account are available for displays with a child account under the Playlists icon.

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