How to change the password on a Sierra Wireless modem


  • How do I change the password on a Sierra Wireless modem?


  • Product Family: Billboards, Message Displays
  • Product:
  • Component: Sierra Wireless AirLink modems: Raven XE/XT, LS300, GX400, GX440, GX450, ES450, RV50, MP70
  • Control System:


  1. Connect to the modem's web configuration page.
    • If you are physically connected to the modem's Ethernet port, or on the LAN via a router or switch, go to or
    • If you are remote, connecting through the cellular network, go to or where the x's are replaced by the static IP of the modem.
  2. If prompted with a page about a problem with the website's security certificate, follow the steps below, otherwise skip to step 3.
    • The wording varies by browser, but you are looking for a button or link for Advanced or Continue to this website (not recommended), clicking on this should allow you to access the modem's configuration page.
  3. Log into the modem.
    • Username: user
    • Password: 12345
    • NOTE: if the password of 12345 is not accepted, the password of the modem has already been changed off of it's default and you will need to use the current password to log into the modem.
  4. Select the Admin tab.
  5. Select Change Password.
  6. Enter the current password and the new password for the User account.
    • This unique password is for your security purposes, Daktronics will not record or maintain this information.  Be sure to choose a password that is strong and that you will remember.
    • NOTE: Depending on the model of modem and the firmware, you may also have a drop-down on the Username field to change the password on both the User and Viewer accounts.  If you have this option BE SURE TO CHANGE THE PASSWORD ON THE VIEWER ACCOUNT AS WELL by changing the drop-down and repeating step 6.
  7. Click Apply or Change Password.
  8. Click OK on the popup.
  9. Click on the Reboot button near the upper right of the window to apply the change.

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