How to use CPP sample app


  • How do I use CPP Sample App to play a file?


  • GS6
  • DMP-8065
  • DMP-8050

CPP Sample App (SDK)


Double-click on CPPSampleWindowsApp folder.

Double-click on CPPSampleWindowsApp.exe 

 CPPSample 1.PNG

Enter Display IP in DNS/IP Address: field, then click on the Connect button.


Click on Manage Files button. 


A new window, SelectVmplForm will open.

Click on Select File(s) button. 


Browse to the location of the file to be played, then click on the Open button. 

Click on the Upload File(s) button.

Find the file just uploaded in the (files) field and click on it once to highlight it. 


Click on the Play File button.

There will be no indication through the app that the file is playing, so it will have to be verified visually on the display. 

Close the SelectVmplForm window and note in the CPP Sample Application window that the message uploaded successfully. 


Click on the Disconnect button before closing the application.

KB ID: DD3489841

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