"Communication Failure" event on VIP in IDM; Incorrect time on VIP

Potential Symptoms

  • Able to connect to VIP remotely but have a "Communication Failure" event on it in IDM.
  • If Controller GUID is reset, newly created one does not show up to register.


  • Product Family: Message Displays, Billboards
  • Product: GS6, DB-4200 and newer Billboards 
  • Component: VIP-5060
  • Control Systems: Venus Control Suite (VCS) - Dak Hosted


  • Incorrect time on VIP.


  1. Log into the VIP and click the Set Time/Date button from the "Tools" tab.
    • Note: only setting the correct time will allow the VIP to reconnect in IDM but will allow it to drift again in the future, recommend ensuring that network time servers are set correctly and being used to prevent issue from happening again.
      • The following primary / secondary servers are typically used depending on the customer (If unsure which servers should be used contact Daktronics technical assistance.)
        • us.pool.ntp.org / 1.daktronics.pool.ntp.org
        • 0.daktronics.pool.ntp.org / 1.daktronics.pool.ntp.org
  2. Click the "Get Status" (refresh) button in IDM.

KB ID: DD3489237

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