How do I update M3 Firmware using the M2Config software utility?

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  • How do I update firmware on an M3 controller based Galaxy Display?


  • Product Family: Message Displays
  • Product: AF-3500, AF-3550, AF-3700, Galaxy, Galaxy Pro, Message Center, Marquee, Electronic Message Board, Display
  • Component:
  • Control: M3.


  1. Use the following chart and download the correct firmware for your message Center
  2. Save the file to your Desktop or My Documents
    • Do not rename the file when downloading and saving, it may cause corruption.
  3. Connect to the display using the M2Config utility. Refer to How To Connect To My Galaxy Display Using The M2Config Utility?, DD2342173 for details. Perform the following steps before updating the controller firmware.
    1. Check controller settings to make sure they are up to date & correct. Follow How to configure the standard settings for Commercial Galaxy Displays in M2Config, DD2241913
    2. Defragment the controller.
      1. Go to the Tools Tab.
      2. Hit the Start button in the Defragment section
    3. Verify the firmware you are about to update is the same firmware that your display is currently using.
      1. Go to the status tab in M2Config.
      2. Locate the Version section.
      3. Verify that the version that was selected from the chart above matches the version listed in M2Config.
      4. Note: It is important to select the correct firmware file as loading the wrong file can cause the display to become inoperable requiring a controller replacement.
  4. Go to the firmware tab in M2Config and browse to the firmware saved on the computer.
  5. Verify that Enable High Speed and Delete Bootload File are not checked.  (These should be defaulted to unchecked).
  6. Click the Update Firmware Button.
  7. Firmware will update and reset the controller.  Allow the display time to properly boot up before sending out content or reconnecting to the display.  This can take up to 5 minutes.  It is critical not to power cycle during this time.

Note: If DD1425608.EXE firmware fails please contact Daktronics Technical support, 1-800-325-8766

KB ID: DD3488606

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