How do I manually trigger VP-6000 looks and video sources via command lines?



  • Product Family: Video Processor
  • Product: VP-6000 (version 1-8)
  • Components: triggers, PuTTY
  • Control System:


  1. Log into the VP-6000 using PuTTY. Please reference How to Log into DI-6000 or VP-6000 using Putty
  2. Run the following command in PuTTY.

             sudo -u kadoka jstrigger -t "Fullscreen"


     3.This will trigger the Fullscreen look NOTE: This doesn't trigger the video source a 2nd trigger with the source name will need sent

     4.You can view the commands that the VP-6000 is receiving by viewing the journalctl log. Refer to How do view diagnostics for scripting and triggers in a VP-6000 or DI-6000?

     5. Multiple triggers can be specified in a single command or multiple commands may be used.

            sudo -u kadoka jstrigger -t "Fullscreen" -t "PIP_DMP"

     6. This will trigger the Fullscreen look using the defined PIP_DMP source


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