Content in Venus Control Suite doesn't appear on sign or in the dashboard, No playlist files added

Potential Symptoms

  • Content in Venus Control Suite (VCS) isn't appearing on the display or on the dashboard.
  • When viewing the playlist, "0 Items" may appear under the title.
  • Some content may be appearing on display, but not all desired content.


  • Product Family: Message Displays, Software
  • Product: GS6, GC6, GT6
  • Component:
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite Daktronics Hosted, Venus Control Suite Locally Hosted


  • There are no playlist files in the playlist, or less files than desired.


  • Add playlist files to the playlist.
    • Under Playlist Files, click Edit.
    • Choose the files you want to add to this playlist by selecting the + button in front of each file.
    • Click Save to return to playlists page.

KB ID: DD3466499

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