How do I configure screen connection in NovaStar, if display is divided into sections and ports?


  • How to configure screen connection in NovaStar if display is divided into several sections, and fed by different ports?​


  • Product Family: Sender Box
  • Product: Nova MCTRL 600, Nova MCTRL 660, NovaStar VX4S, NovaS​tar brand sender box and receiver​ cards
  • Components: NovaLCT-Mars
  • Control System: World Wide Gold, Limited Compliance Gold, NPP Control using transmit common/open protocol
    • This includes but not limited to DVN-4003, Dragon sticks, J Series, U Series, Q Series​​, JVX, QVN-1000, and ZPN.


Display is divided into 2 or more sections, each section is fed by a different port from sending box. See the drawing below as a example.


  1. Physically connect the sending box and cabinets according to the drawing.
  2. In NovaLCT-Mars, enter advanced log in mode, Screen Configuration and Screen Connection.
  3. Select the Standard Screen, enter Columns & Rows according the cabinet connection. It is whole screen size not section size.
  4. Select port 1, and draw the connection from the first receiving card port 1 is connected.
  5. Select port 2, and draw the connection from the first receiving card port 2 is connected.
  6. Make sure Receiving Card Size is the same as the pixel size in one cabinet, click Send to HW & Save.


KB ID: DD3438889

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