SSN-150, The subwoofer will not produce audio.


  • No audio out of the subwoofer assembly (Amp Ch. 2) for the SSN-150 assembly.


  • SSN-150


  • Connections not made or loose on the back of the subwoofer box or terminal blocks inside the cabinet, or at back of amplifier


  • Check the audio connections to the back of the speaker box assembly for the subwoofer.
  • Connect white to 1+  and black to 1-
  • jbl-asb-6112-speaker-high-power-single-12-subwoofer-detail-804.jpg
  • Check the audio connections to the terminal blocks in the cabinet
    • ​​Match colors (white to white and black to black) or determine which colors are connected to amp channel 2+ and 2- if the wire colors differ on internal and external wiring to the cabinet
    • Subwoofer 1+ must be connected through to amp 2+(Red Terminal)
    • Subwoofer 1- must be connected through to amp 2- (Black  Terminal)
    • sub wiring.png
  • A voltmeter ca​n be used to verify AC voltage output from the amplifier.  Test should be performed directly at the output posts of the amplifier as well as directly on the speaker terminals + and -.​

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