Display Flickering - Reseat VMAX 4 card fiber transceiver


  • Entire display is flickering.
  • If an Extron SDI A/B switch is used in the system, the rate lock led may be changing on the flickering source.
  • Fiber connections between VIP-4060 and display test good.
  • Fiber connection between DMP-7000 and VIP-4400 is good.
  • Power cycling the VIP4400 does not resolve the issue.


  • DMP-7000 with V-Max 4 Card fiber connection to VIP-4400
  • VIP-4400
  • VIP-4060


  • Loose connection at fiber transceiver on VMAX-4 card.


  • Disconnect the fiber at the VMAX-4 card and remove the fiber transceiver from the back of the card. Wipe clean any debris on the transceiver connector, but do not blow on the contacts.
  • Re-seat the transceiver in the back of the VMAX-4 card and reconnect the fiber.

KB ID: DD3355324

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