Stop a Playlist from Looping Content Continuously

Potential Symptoms

  • Playlist is looping continuously, but I want the playlist to play through once and then blank and/or stop


  • Product Family: Video Software and Controllers
  • Product: Display Studio Playlists 
  • Components: DMP-8000 with looping disabled
  • Control System: Show Control 


  • This is the desired function for this scripting line. It is used for customers that want to run ads constantly on a zone and when needed, open a different zone on top to play other content.


  • Use the Add to Playlist scripting line instead of the Create Playlist line in step 3. Customers can use the Run # of times option or play continuously option for desired outcome.
  • Set playlist option to run continuous or indicate the repeat count. See example below: 
    QD3_Set Run Options2.jpg

    • This is a Display Studio button from version 2.15+.  The icons for this will be the same under a scripting button, step 4.

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