How to update SQL 2005 SP2 to SQL 2005 SP4


  • How do I update SQL 2005 SP2 to SQL 2005 SP4?


  • Show Control - Installs prior to May 2012 (Display Studio v1.17)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 was never updated to SP4
  • Upgrade to SQL Server 2014 fails due to unsupported version


  1. Backup the Nucleus database on the server.
    Note: No need to backup database on client.
  2. Make sure all the latest Windows updates have been installed.
  3. If the state of the system is unknown, run the SQL 2014 Upgrade Utility to determine if these steps are necessary.
  4. Stop the SQL Server (NUCLEUS) service in the Services dialog (Start Menu -> type services.msc -> press Enter
  5. Start the SQL Server 2005 Express SP4 installer.
    2. Accept the License Agreement and click Next
      update 2.png
    3. Click Install when prompted.
      update 3.png
    4. Verify Microsoft SQL Native Client and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Setup Support Files were installed successfully and click Next >.
      update 4.png
    5. After the computer configuration is scanned the SQL Server Installation Wizard will open. Click Next >
    6. Verify the System Configuration Check is successful and click Next >
      update 5.png
    7. Set the name (default name is fine), and uncheck Hide advanced configuration options. Click Next >
      NOTE: Hide advanced configuration options must be unchecked for a proper installation.
      update 6.png
    8. Select all features to be installed and click Next >
      update 7.png
    9. If not selected, Select Named instance.
    10. In the text box, enter NUCLEUS or click Installed instances and select SQL Server (NUCLEUS). Click Next >
      update 8.pngupdate 9.png
    11. Select SQL Server Database Services 9.2.2042.00 and click Next >
      update 10.png
    12. Leave Windows Authentication Mode selected and click Next >
      update 11.png
    13. Leave the default selections for the Configuration Options and click Next >
      update 13.png
    14. Leave the default selections for the Error and Usage Report Settings and click Next >
      update 12.png
    15. Click Install.
      If prompted to stop the SQL Server (NUCLEUS) service, stop the service (see step 9) and click Retry
    16. Verify the setup is finished for each product and click Next >>
      update 14.png
    17. Click Finish to complete the SQL Server Express 2005 SP4 update.
  6. Display Studio may be installed normally now.

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