What Content Studio RTD Fields Are Available for Baseball? (MLB / MiLB)


  • What Content Studio RTD fields are available for MiLB / MLB Baseball teams using DakStats Baseball?


  • Product Family: Sport Software and Controllers
  • Product: 
  • Component: 
  • Control System: Show Control
  • DakStats Baseball 
  • Data Studio Out-of-Town
  • Chart Generator 
  • GameDay - Premium Pre-game 
  • GameDay – Premium In-game 
  • StatVision 
  • StatCast Player Metrics Interface (MLB)
  • StatCast Pitch and Hit Interface (MLB)
  • DakStats Baseball
  • Data Studio Out-of-Town
  • Chart Generator
  • GameDay - Basic Pre-game
  • GameDay – Premium In-game
  • StatVision
  • StatCast Pitch and Hit Interface (MLB)

  • DakStats Baseball
  • Data Studio Out-of-Town
  • StatVision – Standings & leaders (MLB)
  • GameDay - Basic Pre-game
  • StatCast Pitch and Hit Interface (MLB)

  • ​Data Studio Out-of-Town
  • Data Studio MiLB Edition


  1. The following inputs are available for MLB / MiLB Teams in Content Studio:
    • Game In Progress: Baseball
      • The Game In Progress folder contains real time data fields that come from the All Sport 5000. Game-level stats, such as team names, runs, hits, errors, inning line score, balls, strikes, & outs, all can be found in this section.

    • Out-of-Town Scores:
    • Requested Stats: Defensive Positions
      • The requested stats defensive positions folder provides RTD fields for each defensive position, and includes first name, last name, full name, and position for each player as well as the ability to use MediaRTD for each player for both home and visiting teams.
    • Requested Stats : Player Messages
      • Player messages are customizable messages in the roster section for each player. This requested stat folder allows you to display those messages, as well as different information about that player.

    • Requested Stats: Game Summary
      • Game summary requested stats show information about the game, including attendance, duration, winning pitcher, losing pitcher, & save pitcher, and information on up to five home and guest pitchers that played during the game.

    • Requested Stats: Bullpen
      • Allows the user to display statistics and information for pitchers warming up in both the home team and guest team bullpen.

    • Requested Stats: Fantasy Stats
      • Provides information for the top 50 Fantasy players in MLB. This RTD folder is currently only available for MLB, and combines NL & AL into one output.

    • StatVision Stats
      •  StatVision collects data from MLB.com, and Elias sports bureau to provide the latest season, career, and situational stats for every player on both teams. StatVision works with DakStats Baseball to continually update in-game stats as the game continues.
      • This folder provides up to three user-definable categories of information with ten different stat fields each.

    • StatVision Messages 
      • Provides two lines of customizable text to display messages about a specific player.

    • StatVision Standings 
      • Allows users to show the standings for up to thirteen different teams in a division or league, as well as fields for wins, losses, record, percentage, streak, home record, away record, last 10 games, etc.  

    • StatVision Leaders 
      • Provides up to 3 user-definable categories of leaders, with 10 leaders shown per category.

    • Scorebook Graphics
      • Provides the RTD fields that can be used with the Scorebook application to show lineups, previous at bats, and due-ups.

    • Pitch Speed
      • The pitch speed folder contains information on pitch speed and type, and is available to use if there is a speed-of-pitch All Sport connected to the system with a supported radar gun. Information such as MPH, KPH, and pitch type are found in this input folder.  

    • SportVision
      • The SportVision folder provides the RTD fields to use if stats are being received from SportVision's Pitchf/x.

NOTE: Depending on the system configuration, there may be more or less options than shown here.

For more information on Requested Stats, watch the video below:   



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