How to view DI-6000 diagnostics via web browser?


  • How to view DI-6000 diagnostics via web browser?


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: 6000 Series Processors
  • Component: Diagnostics, Command Lines
  • Control System:  


There are some settings that can be checked by using a web browser. These are settings that are usually controlled by Venus Control Suite.  The computer using the web browser must be on the same network as the DI-6000.

The settings include:
  1. Active/Inactive status
  2. Current dimming value
  3. Dimming manager status
  4. Dimming manager configuration

NOTE: For all addresses, enter the DI-6000s IP address instead of IP_ADDRESS

ProLink6 Active/Inactive status



Shows a true if active or false if inactive. Isn't card specific.


Current ProLink6 dimming value




Shows the dimming value on a 0 to 1 base system

0.000000 would be a dimming level of 0%

0.738000 would be a dimming level of 73.8%

1.000000 would be a dimming level of 100%


Note: This shows the current manual dimming value. If the DI-6000 has GPS dimming enabled, this will not be the actual current dimming value. See below how to check the output dimming value (Filtered Dimming)

Dimming manager status



 Dimming manager configuration


dimming manger config.png


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