Common Linux commands for DI-6000 and VP-6000


  • What are some common commands for the 6000 series that will assist in troubleshooting?


  • Product Family: Control System
  • Product: DI-6000, VP-6000
  • Component:
  • Control System:


  • navigation: up arrow will show previous commands
    • ctrl-R and type letters to search back buffer
  • tab will complete the command names (works for most things)

Basic Linux commands

cat - list the contents of short files to the terminal screen

cd - change directory

df -h - Show the amount of disk space used on each mounted file system

du -sh * - Disk Usage, list folders and sizes

exit - log out

ls - list

nano - built-in Linux text editor

sudo - “super user do”, run a command with elevated privileges

sudo reboot - will restart 6000

sudo shutdown - will shut down 6000 after 1 minute

sync - Saves commands entered into the buffer

top - shows which processes are using the most resources

lspci -tv - Lists PCI BUS information

watch - used to run any designated command at regular intervals
           watch -c -d -n 0.5 !! - continuously run previous command 0.5 Sec w/differences 

                            - !! can be changed out to be other commands like sditool or dptool and so on.


6000 specific commands


dpkg -l kadoka-software - checks 6000 version

sudo networktool get - shows network configuration

systemctl list-dependencies - 6000 system and status checks

Video explanation of above


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