How to configure ERTD Dimming for a VIP 4060


  • How to configure ERTD (Enhanced Real-Time Data) Dimming for a VIP 4060?


  • Product Family: Control System
  • Product:
  • Component: VIP 4060 with Firmware 1.10.44 (Configuring the ERTD dimming on the VIP-4060 requires 1.10.44 or greater)
  • Control System:


  1. Navigate to the Display Control tab at the top of the presentation area.
  2. Select ERTD from the Dimming mode drop-down list under the Display mode/Test patterns/Dimming mode sub-tab.dimming mode.JPG
  3. Navigate to the Advanced tab and click the Configuration sub-tab.
  4. Type services in the search box.
  5. Click the green plus (+) sign next to Service to add a service.
    1. The service will add to the bottom of the list.
  6. Select Dimming RTD from the Type drop-down menu.config.JPG
  7. Click the green plus (+) sign next to Service to add a Port.
    1. Enter 27000 in the Port text field.
  8. Click the green plus (+) sign next to Service and select Transport from the drop-down menu
  9. Select UDP from the Transport drop-down menu
  10. Search for ERTD in the main search box and change the ERTD Sign Number to a number appropriate
    for the site.
  11. Click Send Configuration button located in the left column.

Follow How to create a set dimming script in Display Studio? DD3360119 for creating a button in Show Control to control dimming during an event for a VIP-4060 controlled display.

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