Cannot log into Venus Control Suite, User profile not set up.

​Potential Symptoms

  • I am new to Venus Control Suite and unable to log in.
  • I'm not able to get into my Venus Control Suite application.
  • I cannot sign in to the Venus software.
  • I can't log in to the VCS app.
  • I need a login for the Venus Control Suite program.
  • I need access to a Venus Control Suite account.
  • I want to create a message for a GS6/GC6 display but I do not have access to the software.
  • How do I create a test message for a GS6/GC6 display without login information?
  • How can I access our Venus Control Suite account?


  • Product Family: Software
  • Product:
  • Component:
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite Daktronics Hosted


  • User profile has not been properly set up in the account.
  • The user has not been added to the Venus Control Suite account.


  1. Contact the Account Administrator, who is responsible for providing login information to newly created users.
  2. The Account Administrator will then create login information per How to add or create a user in Venus Control Suite, DD3104260 for the new user.
  3. Log into Venus Control Suite with newly created credentials.  First time login will require a password change.


  • For security reasons, Daktronics Support does not add or remove user accounts or share login information for Venus Control Suite.
  • The above instructions only apply to the cloud-based/web-based version of Venus Control Suite.  If you are using a locally hosted Venus Control Suite system, then please contact your IT Administrator or Daktronics helpdesk technician if you are unable to log in.

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