Meraki router is not assigning IP addresses to connected devices

Potential Symptoms

  • During first time fire up, laptop set to DHCP while plugged into the router is getting a 169.254.x.x IP address.
  • Devices connected to the Meraki router are not receiving a DHCP address from the router.
  • Arp -a command from connected laptop may show an IP of with a MAC address starting with 88:15:44.
  • When connecting to, get the following message: "You connected to, but you are likely not currently connected to a Cisco Meraki access point."


  • Product Family: Billboards
  • Product: DB-5000, DB-6400
  • Component: Meraki Z1 or Z3 Router
  • Control System:


  • Router is in Pass-Through mode, and acting as a switch.


KB ID: DD3254182

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