How to remove and install modules for J Series and L Series Displays?


  • How to remove and install modules for J Series or L Series Displays?


  • Gold Family Displays
  • J Series Displays
  • L Series Displays


  1. Disconnect power to the display
    • You would need to pull the breaker feeding to that cabinet on the breaker panel. Typically, one AC circuit powers up to 4 standard cabinets which means you would be disconnecting power to all those 4 cabinets.
  2. Unlock door latches with key to open the display from the rear. See electrical overview for details of the door latch key.
  3. Disconnect the power and signal cables from the rear of the module.
  4. Loosen the screws on the modules.
  5. Maintain a firm grip on the module, push the module outwards/away and then rotate. 
  6. Pull the module back through the opening.   

electrical details for module replacement.png 

Reverse these steps to install a module.

Before putting the new module into the display, make the power and signal connections to verify that content is playing on the new module before screwing into place.

Note: For the removal of the modules in the extremities of a given section, it will be needed to remove adjacent inner modules. B02, B03, C02 or C03, may need to be removed to service the other modules.



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