Blank or incorrectly displaying section of display- NovaStar sending box is not communicating with receiver cards


  • Display or section of the display is blank.
  • Sending box is not communicating with the receiver cards
  • NovaiCare Alerts:
    • Cable Fault sending card
    • Fault sending card


  • Product Family: Sender Box, Receiver Card
  • Product: Nova MCTRL 600, Nova MCTRL 660, NovaStar VX4S, NovaStar brand sender box and receiver  cards
  • Components: NovaLCT-Mars
  • Control System: World Wide Gold, Limited Compliance Gold, NPP Control using transmit common/open protocol
    • This includes but not limited to DVN-4003, Dragon Sticks,  J Series, U Series, Q Series​​, JVX, QVN-1000, and ZPN.


The sending box/card is not recognizing the receiver cards.


You can use the NovaS​tar software to identify the receiver cards that are not communicating the sending box/card.  Send configuration parameters to each receiver card.   If are not able to send the parameters to the receiver card, you will know that the receiver card is not communicating.

  1. Make sure power is going to the cards
    1. The cards in the cabinet should have a solid red light and a green flashing light. (This may not be an option for NPP displays.) 
  2. Check the cat 6 cable from the sending card to the receiver card. Swap this out for a new cable if necessary.
  3. Replace the sender card with a new one.

KB ID: DD3242850

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