DMP-8000 "Low Memory" error, Windows is not reporting the correct amount of system RAM





  • Windows repeatedly issues a popup windows stating the system is low on memory and that you should close DMP-8000.
  • Re-booting the system does not resolve the issue.
  • The control panel system page reveals that not all of the memory is reporting as usable to windows.


  • A-2577 (DMP-8500 V-NET PRO)
  • Windows 7 64 Bit


  • RAM sticks are not communicating properly with the motherboard.


  1. Power system down and remove AC power.
  2. Re-seat all of the RAM sticks, making sure they are put back into the same slot they were removed from.
  3. Power the system back up and check the Control Panel --> System page. Windows should be reporting the correct amount of RAM. If you are unsure how much RAM should be reported, look at either the primary or backup system with identical configuration, or contact TechOps for assistance.
  4. Test the system RAM by going to the Start menu then clicking RUN. Type mdsched.exe and click RUN.
  5. Allow the system to reboot and test the RAM. If any errors appear or if windows continues to report the incorrect amount of usable RAM in the system page, contact TechOps for ordering replacement RAM.



KB ID: DD3201548

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