Hum, humming or buzz noise on Sportsound audio system, Check ground


  • Low frequency noise is being emitted through Sportsound audio system, noticeable in the background of audio content being played.
  • Hum is only present when a laptop is plugged in.
  • Hum is only present when the DMP-8000 input is plugged in.


  • Any Audio System


  • Grounding of any audio connection at any point in the audio system.
    • Grounding of audio connection between any two points throughout the system.


  • Isolate failure to exact location and eliminate the improper termination/connection.
    • Check all XLR Cables/Connectors for proper shield connections and ensure shield is properly connected/soldered.

Work Around 

  • Install Ground Loop Isolator. 
  • Last resort work around is to disconnect the shield ( typically pin1 XLR or TRS) on the receiving piece of equipment. It should be carefully connected/disconnected while playing audio to test if this is a fix. Note: this "fix" may allow for RF interference in the signal such as AM radio stations.
  • When connecting a computer/laptop using an LTIBLOX 1/8" headphone jack to XLR adapter a hum may be present. When using this adapter it is recommended to "lift" the shield (pin1) on the XLR female that plugs into the mixer. This can be a "fix" due to the differences in grounding practices between the computer manufacturer and the professional audio equipment. The cable that has been modified for the ground "lift" must be labeled for its specific purpose/connection as it will no longer function properly when used with other equipment.

KB ID: DD3156030

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