Diagnostics: Voltage Error -display module is not displaying correct colors

Potential Symptoms

  • Module may be blank.
  • With white content module appears red.
  • When blue/green content module is blank.
  • Potential poor image quality. The module is likely not playing content correctly, and may be at increased risk of failure.

IDM / System Health Event(s)

  • Voltage Error alert on module.


  • Product Family: Billboard
  • Product: DB-1000, DB-2000, DB-3000, PS-10I
  • Component: Module
  • Control System: Visiconn, 3rd Party Player


  • The PLR may not function correctly if its input voltages deviate from their acceptable limits, which may prevent video from being routed correctly to display modules.
  • Module failure.


  • Ensure that the PLR is receiving the correct voltage from the power supply. If not, replace the power supply.
  • Replace the module.

KB ID: DD3113749

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