Requested Stats on 7000 don't fire. Select stats script is empty


  • When sending a command script for Requested Stats on Venus 7000.
  • Stats Format option when doing select stats scripting is blank.
  • Accept button in already created Stats Request page is grayed ( grayed ) out.


  • Venus 7000
  • Windows XP


  • INI file containing the information for the commands have become corrupt


  1. Navigate to the V7000 Folder. Look for a folder called Stats Request or Stats Interface. Open that folder.
  2. Delete the Interface.ini file in the sport folder you're having the issue with.
  3. Load an Interface.ini file from a working 7000 computer, or navigate to C:\Program Files\Daktronics\DSTI on the DSTI computer and grab the .ini file for the right sport. You'll need to rename the file to Interface.ini on the 7000 but the content should be the same


KB ID: DD3103312

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