Content Studio will not open, gives error "Content studio experienced a problem..."


  • Content Studio crashes upon opening. Shows error "Content Studio experienced a problem when opening and will have to close."image2.JPG


  • There is no Nucleus Service installed. Content Studio needs that installed it order for it to open.


  1. Open Start Menu. Type in the search bar "services". Should have a gear next to the name Open that program.
  2. Scroll down to look for "Daktronics Nucleus Service".
  3. If that is missing run a repair on Display Studio in Programs and Features.
    1. Access the Control Panel and click on Programs and Features.
    2. Select Display Studio from the list of installed programs click the Repair button.
    3. Allow the repair to complete and open Display Studio, then Content Studio.
    4. Verify that Display Studio still functions properly.

KB ID: DD3100427

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