How to Setup Color RTD in DSTI and Show Control?


  • ​How do I setup color RTD to show on the display for baseball stats?
  • How do I change the color of the current batter (baseball)?


  • ​​Product Family: Sports Products, Software, Control System
  • Product:
  • Component: DakStats Baseball, DSTI, DMP-8000, DMP-7000
  • Control System: Show Control System (SCS)


  1. Setup Color RTD in DSTI
    • Open DSTI, click Edit, click Configure Color RTD to bring up this window:
      color rtd.jpg
    • Click the current color (defaults to no color the first time,) so use the above picture to click in the correct location) to bring up the color selection window:
      color rtd2.jpg    
    • When you select a value in this window, the color that that particular RTD data will be set to that color. For example:
      color rtd4.jpg          
    • Select the color you want DSTI to output
      NOTE: This color is NOT going to be the final product! The color is just selected to differentiate between different types of RTD coming out of DSTI. Other RTD inputs can have separate colors. 
    • Click OK, and then OK again. Restart DSTI.

  2. Setup Content with Show Control and Content Studio
    • Open Content Studio via Display Studio
    • Place the RTD Fields that you need
    • Select the RTD fields that you would like to be color RTD from DSTI. Specifically the field that you changed in the DSTI settings
    • With the RTD field selected, open the Field Properties tab in the Content Studio Ribbon
      Color RTD.png
    • In the ERTD section, place a check the Color checkbox ​​​​

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KB ID: DD3084380

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