What Daktronics RTD Streams Offer Color RTD?


  • What Daktronics Scoring and Timing RTD Feeds Offer a Color RTD Option?


  • Daktronics RTD Feeds
  • DMP-8000 6.4 and above or DMP-7000
  • Show Control


  1. These feeds should be able to provide color RTD information for some RTD fields in their RTD streams.

    DSTI DSBA Position Lineup
    DSTI DSBA Scoreboard
    DSTI NHL Shootout
    Motor Sports Interface
    StatVision Elias Message
    StatVision Stats
    StatVision Standings
    StatVision Leaders

    Note: Please contact Daktronics Technical Support for further information as well as what fields of the above listed feeds may possess color RTD capability.

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