Scoreboard time will flash or show POST but the rest of the digits work fine and show GIP.


  • With the board off the Time digits (Col 1-4) will flicker and flash.
  • With the board on and running Game In Progress (GIP),
    • the minutes COL 1&2 or
    • the seconds COL 3&4 or
    • the time COL 1-4 will go through the rolling segments part of a POST randomly​ every 1-2min.
    • All other driver outputs COL 5-16 work fine and keep their GIP data.


  • Indoor Scoreboard
  • 0P-1150-0126 or 0P-1150-0127 with firmware version 3.2 as reported from a site on 2015-03-02.



  • Replace digit driver.

Work Around

  • For sites that require an immediate workaround: Power cycling the scoreboard normally corrects the problem for a period of time. If the issue continually returns follow the resolution step above.

KB ID: DD3012698

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