What is the Venus Control Suite Dashboard?


  • Where can I see what's playing on my display from within Venus Control Suite?
  • What can I see on the Venus Control Suite Dashboard?


  • Product Family: Software
  • Product: Venus Control Suite
  • Components: Venus Pro Ad Grid, Venus Pro Playlist, Venus Prime
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite (VCS)


Dashboard provides visual feedback regarding the schedule and connectivity to your display.  This feature shows a reflection of what is playing in your playlist.  If you want to see what is running on the actual display(s) you may run a report for previously played content or view the physical display(s).  Please note, this is not a live feed.

  • Thumbnails:  By clicking on the thumbnail icon, the Venus dashboard will provide you with a thumbnail of recently played content.  Please note that the dashboard does have a 10 second refresh rate.  If any Content Studio or Web Presentation files are scheduled to your display, it will only show the first layout/slide of that presentation and may show longer than ten seconds depending on the duration of the presentation.
  • Device Communication:  By clicking the heartbeat icon, the dashboard will switch to device communication.  This provides you with visual feedback regarding your display connectivity.
  • Webcams:  By clicking on the camera icon it will switch from device communication to webcam.  This provides you with a view of your display.  Please note that you must have webcam(s) enabled for this feature to be present. 

Venus Learning Center
For additional information, please visit:  http://www.daktronics.com/en-us/support/venus-control-suite/learning-center/Dashboard.

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