When attempting to edit a playlist on the schedule and the plus or minus is clicked, Get Nucleus log-in failed. The Server is not available...


  • When attempting to add or remove a presentation to/from a playlist in the schedule, the following error is generated:
    • "Nucleus log-in failed. The server is not available. The dialog cannot be displayed.  Error: An unsecured or incorrectly secured fault was received from the other party. See the inner FaultException for the fault code and detail."

                             12-15-2014 8-35-17 AM.png


  • Product Family: Software
  • Product: 
  • Component:
  • Control System: Venus 1500 V4


  • The V1500 settings file was modified to turn off User Security after it had been enabled at one point.


  1. Re-enable User Security in Venus 1500 Options.
    • Note: Be sure to verify the password - found in User Management
  2. Close out of Venus 1500.
  3. Re-launch Venus 1500 and enter Username and Password previously used to access Venus 1500.

Note: This feature can be turned off, but by doing so in the Venus 1500 Options> User Security going forward but should not be from the V1500 Settings file.

KB ID: DD2947253

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