Scoreboard blanking, Clock is skipping or lagging, Antenna and antenna wire are installed incorrectly.

Potential Symptoms

  • Radio controlled shot clock will skip while counting down.
  • Game clock on scoreboard will skip or lag.
  • Horn on the scoreboard or shot clock will sound for an extended period of time.
  • Everything will work okay when the front face panel of the scoreboard or shot clock is opened up.
  • No antenna visible on outside of shot clock or scoreboard.


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product: Wireless compatible Scoreboard, Shot Clock, Stat Panel, DOG Clock
  • Component: Wireless All Sport console (R4, R5, R6), All Sport receiver (R4, R5, R6), RC-100 Base Station
  • Control System: [All Sport 3000, All Sport 1600, All Sport 5000 (R4, R5, or R6)], RC-100


  • Antenna and antenna wire are installed incorrectly (ex. lying inside enclosure or mounted to the back of the shot clock or scoreboard).


  • Mount the antenna wire correctly to it's designated location on the front of the scoreboard or shot clock and install the antenna properly after.

KB ID: DD2937252

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