No communication through EBRs, Network Connection shows cable unplugged; Failed POE

Potential Symptoms

  • No communication or intermittent communication to display from computer.
  • Good connection to display via the quick connect and at the controller, but not at the power over Ethernet DC injector (POE / DCI).
  • When connected to the DCI, the network connection may bounce from "connected" to "network cable unplugged"; status does not change with new CAT5 cable; the local host ( responds to ping.


  • Product Family: Message Displays
  • Product: Galaxy, AF-3500, AF-3550, AF-3700, GS6, GC6, GT6
    • Electronic Message Center (EMC) or Board (EMB), Marquee, Readerboard
  • Component: POE Injector, EBR radios
  • Control System:


  • Data port on DCI/POE is bad.


  • Replace failed DCI/POE injector

KB ID: DD2906292

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