No communication to Message Center; Connection issue due to animal nest

Potential Symptoms

  • No communication / unable to get status to Message Center display.
  • Radio Configuration utility does pull status from server radio but not the client radio.
  • Client radio has no power.
  • Intermittent communications to the display from the customers computer.


  • Product Family: Message Center
  • Product: Galaxy, GalaxyPro, GS6
  • Component: Gen 2 Serial Radios, Serial Fiber, Ethernet Fiber, EBR Radios, or Wired Ethernet
  • Control System:


  • Cable from communications equipment is not fully connected to QC card.
    • Birds or other animals built nest in display and the activity has worked the connection to the sign loose.


  • Re-secure cable from communications equipment to QC card on display.
    • Remove any debris.

KB ID: DD2885879

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