Incorrect address set on DM-100 touchpad


I may have accidentally changed the address on the touchpad


  • Product Family:  Transportation
  • Product:  Vanguard display (VF-2XXX Series and VL-3500 Series)
  • Component:  DM-100
  • Control System:  DM-100


  • Address of DM-100 changed, it needs to set it to 1.
  • It may have been "fat fingered" when someone pressed 2 buttons at 1 time.


  1. Cycle power on DM-100 to watch the boot up. It will show PMPP 9600 address (any # other than 1) on the LCD screen.
  2. After boot up, select the farthest right button in the top row, the DM-100 will say "Set Address" on the LCD screen.
  3.  Press far left top row button, the DM will say "Activate Address 1"
  4.  Select 'Enter',  the DM-100 will say "Address Set Successfully"
  5. The DM-100 will now function properly.

KB ID: DD2840757

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