How to push RTD data from Omega Quantum Timing Systems to a Daktronics matrix display?


  • How is Omega Quantum interfaced with Daktronics displays?
  • How do you get RTD from Quantum Timing on the matrix display?


  • Product Family: Aquatics and Timing
  • Product: Daktronics matrix display (Galaxy, ProStar, DVX/DVN), DMP-7000, DMP-8000
  • Component: Omega Quantum Timing System (Swiss Timing)
  • Control System: Venus 7000; Show Control System


  • Omega Quantum is interfaced to each system by utilizing a Lantronix box to convert the serial data to a networked UDP/IP format. 
    • Ensure the Lantronix box is configured for the appropriate UDP broadcast settings and setup for RS-485 communication.
  1. Go to the I/Os section of the Quantum race software. Make sure the checkbox is enabled for the output.
  2. Setup the Serial connection settings, being sure to set the output protocol to SCB ERTD
  3. For running time:
    • For DMP-7000: Set the X and Y settings for the Running Time to x=20, y=1

Serial 1 ERTD 7000 or galaxy.png 

  • For DMP-8000: Set the running time position to X=0, Y=1


4. Setup the second input if using Calypso

Serial 2 IO.png

5. Scroll down to the Mask Settings area to setup the line formatting and spacing. Each set of numbers inside curly braces represents a field, justification, and how many characters are allowed.

Once Mask area is highlighted, see the blue section below the settings to see what field each number represents.

Quantum Formatting.jpg 

NOTE: For displaying Run Time, you can have Quantum send the run time to one of the lane lines of data. For example, Lane 11 line of data if you're showing 10 lanes.

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