Display randomly blanking when content is published to it, Hanging on download in progress, Download issue


  • Display blanks when publishing content to it from Visiconn but does not happen every time.
  • When display is blank it shows as "Download in Progress" in Visiconn network awareness but download progress hangs.
  • Download option for display is set to immediate in Visiconn.
  • .TMP file may be observed in the content folder with it's size not incrementing.

IDM Symptom

  • Playback Error event on DMP in IDM.


  • VNet V5.6.0.5
  • VNet V5.8.0.5
  • DMP-8000 V6.2.0.107 &
  • DMP with Windows 7


  • Issue in DMP-8000 not downloading content correctly.


KB ID: DD2802647

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