Diagnostics: Dataline Checksum

Potential Symptoms

  • Possible blank module or tile
  • Possible portion of module or tile discolored or blank.
  • Could be a non-visual issue.
  • Module or tile flashing one particular color.

IDM / Venus Diagnostics -  System Health Event(s)

  • Dataline Checksum event


  • Product Family:
  • Product:  System Health, IDM
  • Component: Module, Tile
  • Control System:
A large number of checksum errors indicates a poor link between the module and a neighboring ProLink node (PLR or module), which may cause the module to attempt to switch to its other ProLink port for display data. If there are problems with the data provided by the other port, visual artifacts may appear on the display.


  • Module  or tile hardware failure.


  1. Inspect the Serial ATA cable connection between the module and the ProLink5 node connected to port A/B of the module.
  2. Replace the module.
    1. If possible, perform a self test on the module and record the results on the toe tag or slip of paper and return it with the module.

For Temporary Operation

  • Power cycle display and VIP if Smartlink  is available. 

KB ID: DD2729271

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