DVNMC: Cannot map the network drive to a customer provided Show Control (SCS) computer.


  • Can't map the network drive on the SCS computer to the DMP-8XXX.
  • Common error is a continuous request for credentials when trying to map the drive.  You will be able to see the DMP on the network, and VNC over to it, however, you will not be able to supply the correct credentials.


  • DVNMC Display
  • DVNMC Configured DMP-8000
  • Show Control/SCS/Display Studio


  • Customer supplied computer was assigned to a domain.


  1. Set the workgroup, on the Show Control computer, to Daktronics.
    • This may require working with the IT department that supplied the Show Control computer.
  2. Network and file sharing may also need to be enabled on the Show Control computer.
  3. Continue with the setup following DVNMC with Show Control Quick Start Guide, DD2621328.

KB ID: DD2707750

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