What settings are needed to integrate NewTek DataLink from a Daktronics TV feed?


  • What are the settings for DataLink to get the truck feed from DSTI or All Sport CG?


  • Product Family: Integration/RTD
  • Product: NewTek LiveText
  • Component: NewTek DataLink
  • Control System: DSTI; All Sport CG


  • You will need to open up DataLink and create a Profile for the Daktronics Truck (TV) Feed.
    1. Click "New".
    2. Type description for your profile  window.
    3. Check "Serial".
    4. Click on gear.
    5. Match settings in box pictured below, then "Done".
    6. Click "Update".
      12-4-2013 5-54-24 PM.jpg
      12-4-2013 5-53-44 PM.jpg
  • If profile is already made, select it from the profile dropdown and click "Update"

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