Diagnostics: Too bright at night event, Manual dimming set


  • Display is full brightness when it is dark out.

IDM / System Health Event(s)

  • Too Bright At Night event.
  • Manual Dimming event


  • Product Family: Message Displays
  • Product: System Health, IDM
  • Component: VLInk 1500, VIP-4060, VIP-5060
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite


Photocell is working fine, but display is set to manual dimming without GPS dimming set. This setting is most commonly used in the case of photocell failure or to facilitate on-site technical work. When configured to use manual dimming, a display must be monitored and the dimming level updated regularly to ensure that it is bright enough to read during the day and not too bright at night.

What visual risks are present?

Inappropriate dimming level. If a display's dimming level is being manually controlled, the failure to properly adjust it at the beginning or end of the day could cause it to be too dim to read during the day or too bright at night. Note that a display which is too bright at night could be a distraction to drivers, causing a dangerous situation.


  • Set the brightness on the VLink/VIP back to auto. 

Determine whether a photocell is intended to be connected..

  • If a photocell is intended to be connected, but has failed, and the sun will rise or set before a replacement is available, determine if the DMP-4060 supports GPS dimming. If supported, use the Remote Display Configuration utility to verify that the display's GPS Configuration is correct, and set the Dimming mode to GPS.

  • If a photocell is not intended, use the Remote Display Configuration utility to remove the Photocell (light sensor) from the list of connected peripherals (Configuration tab > Peripherals).

  • If a photocell is present, but a manual override of the dimming level is required for on-site servicing of the display equipment, no action is required. Ensure that the Dimming mode is returned to Photocell at the end of the service call.

  • If Manual dimming is required, set a reminder to use the Remote Display Configuration utility to brighten the display at sunrise and dim the display at sunset.

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