Blank Module(s), Bad power harness

Potential Symptoms

  • Power coming into a harness, but no power coming out.
  • Section of display is blank.


  • Product Family: Billboards, Message Displays 
  • Product: GS6, DB-6400
  • Component: Power supply harness
  • Control System: VCS 


  • Failed power harness.


  • Replace the power harness.

Work Around

  • Verify the harness ends are fully connected.
    1. Inspect the ends of the cable and verify all pins are fully seated in the Molex connector ends.
    2. If a pin is not fully seated, press the wire into the connector, it should snap into place, usually with an audible click.
    3. Take care to ensure the pin does not slip back out of the Molex when connecting to the component.

KB ID: DD2640123

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