Stat Crew Error ie_BadId; Specified COM port doesn't exist


  • Stat Crew Error "ie_BadId - Specified COM port doesn't exist"


  • Stat Crew
  • DSTI


  • Incorrect COM port is selected
  • Serial communication is not used
  • Second COM port is enabled


  1. Ensure the correct COM port is being used for the main COM port in TasComms32; verify through Device Manager under Ports (COM & LPT) by expanding the section.
  2. If not using a COM port, such as when DSTI is on the same computer or transmitting over the network, uncheck the Enable output checkbox to disable the serial output.
  3. Disable the COM port on the Second COM port tab by unchecking the Enable output checkbox to disable the optional serial output.

KB ID: DD2627706

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