Not able to connect to billboard site equipment, modem blocking inbound communication

Potential Symptoms

  • Internet to sign is working but unable to remotely access any of the site equipment.
    • Symptoms of a working outbound connection (one that originates inside or behind the firewall) may include any of the following:
      • Sign is online in IDM.
      • Sign is online in Venus Control Suite (VCS) or Visiconn and able to publish content.
      • Able to connect to the VIP web config using the IDM Fusion tunnel.
      • Able to connect to the VIP or DMP web config using the VCS DakBus tunnel.
      • Able to connect to the DMP using a Bomgar pin.
    • Symptoms of a non-working inbound connection (one that originates outside of the firewall and made using the sites public IP) may include any of the following:
      • Webcam does not load.
      • Not able to VNC into the DMP.
      • Not able to connect to the VIP web config directly.
      • Not able to connect to iBoots or an iBootBar.
      • Not able to connect to the V-Link or ValoPlay using VLink 1500 Management Studio.


  • Product Family: Billboards
  • Product: 
  • Component: Newly installed modem or First Time Fire-up (FTFU)
  • Control System: 


  • Modem is blocking inbound communication.


  • Modem needs to be configured to allow the ports used by Daktronics equipment to pass through it and reach the Daktronics router that is connected to it.
    • Most modems have a router built into them with a firewall enabled by default which requires settings being changed to allow the connections through.

KB ID: DD2624654

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