Is it possible to make an image scroll using Venus 1500 V4?


  • Is it possible to create scrolling graphics with Venus 1500 V4?


  • Venus 1500 V4
  • Content Studio


Scrolling Graphic - Sometimes you may have a graphic that just wont reduce down enough to fit in one layout and still maintain the integrity of the image. A solution for this is to scroll the graphic in multiple layouts.
Note: There is not an automated way to create a scrolling image in Venus 1500 v4.

  • Setting up the image to scroll:
    1. Resize the graphic to match the width of the display.
    2. In Content Studio, go to Media Item on the Quick Insert section of the Home ribbon and select Picture. Browse to your resized graphic and click Open.
    3. In the image import window, click on the "Select a portion of the image that matches the display dimensions" button.
    4. Click and drag or use your arrow keys on your keyboard to move the white box to the top of the image. The Y coordinate should be at zero.
    5. Import the first portion of the image onto your layout.
      Note: If your display is 48 pixels high, you have just imported the first 48 rows of pixels.
    6. Add a second layout to your presentation and repeat steps 2 and 3.
    7. Move the image resize window to the next portion of the image that needs to be imported using the arrow keys on the keyboard. You will be importing the next 48 pixels so look at the Y coordinate. it should read 47 as Content Studio counts 0 as a pixel.
    8. Import the next portion of the image onto layout 2.
    9. Import the image again if needed. If the full image has been imported using 2 layouts, a third layout may be added to push the image up as it scrolls.
  • Making the image Scroll:
    1. On the Layout Storyboard, click the Gold Star and change the entry transition for all the layouts to "scroll up".
    2. In order for the image to appear as if the entire image is scrolling together, you will need to change the duration of each layout to 0.10 seconds for M2/M3 displays or 0.10 seconds for M4 displays.
      Tip: Disable the Timeline to change the duration of the layout as it is easier to accomplish in the Layout Storyboard view.

See also:  Please take a moment to visit the Venus 1500 blog and read the post titled Small Display Help 2 – Scrolling a Graphic for more information.

KB ID: DD2620835

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