Can an Outdoor Scoreboard driver have more than one radio receiver connected to it


  • Can I connect both a Gen V/VI radio receiver and RC-100 base station to my scoreboard?
  • Can I connect both a Gen V and Gen VI radio receiver to my scoreboard?


  • Product Family: Sports Products
  • Product: Outdoor Scoreboard w/ Legacy Driver
  • Components: Gen V/VI Radio Receiver, RC-100 Base Station
  • Control System: All Sport 5000, All Sport 3000, All Sport 1600, All Sport 5100, RC-100


  • The outdoor driver firmware, ED-16253 version 1.8 or greater supports switching between two radio receivers.
    • HOWEVER, only one wireless controller can be used at a time.
      • Example: Gen V radio receiver connected to J21 and RC-100 Base Station connected to J22, however only the All Sport or RC-100 Handheld may be used at one time.
    • It is also important to maintain as much antenna separation as possible between the 2 radio antennas in the scoreboard.
    • A second 0A-1388-0004 radio harness will be required for a dual radio setup.
  • It is not recommended to combine Gen V and Gen VI equipment as this has not been verified.

KB ID: DD2612285

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